National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors 2003 Inductees

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National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors 2003 Inductees

Allan Chu, Age 18 – LZAC Lossless Data Compression: A Novel Approach to Minimum Redundancy Coding

Allan’s new dictionary-based universal lossless data compression engine shrinks file sizes and improves the uploading of computer uploads. This process makes internet speed three times faster, while requiring less memory.

Tessanie Marek, Age 11 – The Easy Crutches

Tessanie has modified crutches by adding an adjustable leg support to one of the crutches. This allows the user to rest the injured leg directly on the crutch and thus avoid strain or muscle cramps. The attached lever and pedal can be used to rest the leg in a forward position or to support the shin in a bent leg position.

Mark Mazumder, Age 18 – Encased Stent for Rapid Endothelialization for Preventing Restenosis”

Mark has developed a metal stent encased by a polymer sheath to provide biocompatibility and corrosion inhibition while remaining capable of expansion. Antithrombogenic drugs can be embedded in the coating to promote the growth of new cell tissue while preventing re-blockage.

Brandon Michael Palmen, Age 19 – Efficient Re-Targeting of Virus Vectors for Gene Therapy

A measles vaccine virus can be genetically engineered to display on its surface an additional “ZZ” protein. Brandon has developed a method by which a protein can be added to the surface of a measles vaccine virus particle so that it could be quickly and conveniently targeted to attack cancer cells.

Justin Riebeling, Age 12 – Speed Grain Cart

Justin’s development of the Speed Grain Cart makes the task of feeding cattle easier and faster. This modified wagon holds nearly 25 gallons of feed. A remotely controlled chute dispenses grain directly into the feeding trough while the cart is moving.


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