Joany Jackman, Ph.D., 2003 Homeland Security Award

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Joany Jackman

Joany Jackman, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
The Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory
Laurel, Maryland

Dr. Jackman joined the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in 2000 where she has continued her work in rapid pathogen identification and advises in biocontainment facility design and operations. As Senior Scientist, Dr. Jackman is developing methods to analyze breath for novel markers of infection. This technology uses proteins and lipids secreted by the host in response to pathogens in the lungs to detect signs of infection prior to the appearance of symptoms. The technique is non-invasive and rapid. Analysis is carried out using mass spectrometry of exhaled breath. Both the pattern of secreted proteins and the chronology of their production is used to evaluate: 1) whether an exposed individual has been infected; 2) to classify the infection as viral or bacterial; and 3) to potentially type infections by agent or class of agent.

This technology will allow rapid triage of individuals at the scene of a potential bioterrorist attack. It will allow emergency medical personnel to focus their resources on the most seriously ill individuals and permit rapid and early treatment. This technology, once fully developed, will reduce the impact of bioterrorism, by improving the outcome and treatment of exposed populations. It has a dual use potential for organizations such as the World Health Organization.

The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation is honored to have had the assistance of the following distinguished individuals serving on the 2003 Homeland Security Awards Evaluation Committee:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Patricia K. Coomber, USAF, Ph.D. – Senior Research Fellow and Faculty at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University, Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C.
  • Richard A. Craig, Ph.D. – Former Staff Scientist at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory, Richland, Washington. Dr. Craig was the recipient of the 2001 Christopher Columbus Foundation Award.
  • Honorable John T. Odermatt – Commissioner, New York City Office of Emergency Management, New York, New York .
  • Adam Short – Senior Editor and Publisher, Tech Watch News, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


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